Translation and interpreting services

How much does it cost?


The cost of a translation will depend on the type of document as well as its difficulty. For example, the localization of a website will be more expensive than the translation of a manual as more preparatory work will be necessary for the former.

We can typically translate about 2,500 words per day but again, this all depends on what document you send us.

Please send us detailled information concerning your project and we will give you a free estimate of how much it will cost you.


Please note that there will be a minimum fee of €50 for translations.



The cost of interpreting will depend on several factors:


- Mode of interpreting: do you need simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpreting? We will charge by the hour for consecutive interpreting whereas we will charge by day or half-day for simutaneous and whispered interpreting.


- Duration of the event: How long will the event last?


- Location of the event: the client will pay for the expensives linked to transportation and accomodation if the interpreter has to travel and stay in a hotel for the duration of the event. 


- Finally, it will depend on what equipment is required. Remember that you will have to contact a separate provider for this.