Translation and interpreting services

TeraTranslations will make the process of being understood by everyone as easy as possible with its translation and interpreting services between English and French. Whether you need people to be able to read your documents or to be able to hold a conversation with speakers of a different language, we have a solution for you.


TeraTranslations specializes in the translation of documents in the fields of IT, telecommunications and scuba diving. If you need a translation for a document written in English into French, TeraTranslations is the company you need to contact. Whatever the type of document (manual, corporate document, website, software), we commit to delivering an accurate, professional and timely translation.



People often confuse translation with interpreting. Translation is written whereas interpreting is oral. TeraTranslations can provide you with an interpreter for different types of events: conferences, factory visits, meetings... For these, different modes of interpreting might be necessary as well as different types of equipment:


- Simultaneous interpreting: the interpreter is located in a booth or in the same room as the participants and interprets in the target language simultaneously while the speaker is speaking. You will need two interpreters for this kind of interpreting.


- Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter is sitting in the same room as the participants, takes notes, and renders the message in the target language once the speaker has finished talking.


- Whispered: the interpreter renders the message simultaneously by speaking at a low volume into the ear of the person requiring interpretation.


TeraTranslations will help you make a choice according to your needs and will need to know all the details about the event (place, duration, theme). We cannot, however, provide the necessary equipment.